Kynance Cove

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Kynance Cove is perhaps one of Cornwall's most beautiful beaches and best kept secrets.

Located on the Lizard Peninsula, it is accessible only on foot and only at low tide.

There is parking on the cliff top with a National Trust (who own the beach) pay and display car park.  This is extended to give more space in the summer but still fills up regularly before 11am when the weather is good!

It's a small cove with a little café overlooking the beach.

Just off the beach, and a 2 minute walk when the tide is out, is Asparagus Island.  The island was created by the erosion of the granite that intruded the harder serpentine. 

As soon as the tide returns, this small island of  tremolite serpentine is completely cut off and inaccessible.  Not good for anyone that had decided to wander to the far side!

There are numerous caves to explore, but again, these are rapidly cut of when the tide returns.

There is no life guard protection on the beach, however this doesn't stop local surfers taking advantage of the waves all year round, perhaps because the beach is so secluded and there is greater chance of having the cove to yourself in the winter months?

Kynance Cove is easy to find, but no so easy to access!  The car park is just off the A3083 nr Lizard Point.  Once parked up there are two options.  

The shorter of the two is a gravel path that leads to the beach.  But the near the bottom is a number of uneven steps that leads to a boulder covered section of beach.  This can be walked over, but would be impossible with push chairs or wheelchairs.  Also, once the tide is in, this section is cut off!  I've watched many people try this route with the incoming never ends well!

Option 2 is a longer walk along a gravel path that leads to the cafe.  This is more accessible and the route can be used regardless of the tide.  There are no steps this way and so is better for wheelchairs and pushchairs, but it's a long, steep walk back up!

The car park sits right on the coastal path, so you also have the option of walking along the cliffs towards Lizard Point for some spectacular views!

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